Recent Instagram Challenge

Hey guys! So recently someone tagged me in a post and challenged me to draw Yoko Littner from the very popular show Gurren Lagan. And while I normally ignore these type of spam-type posts, I had free time and it seemed fun!

I would like to preface by saying that I’ve never seen Gurren Lagan, I know OF it, but I have never actually watched the show. So first… I had to look up who Yoko Littner was… Then realized that I’ve definitely seen her on line or people cosplaying at cons… Good stuff!

Anyways , I decided to do it manga-style.. shocker right ? That’s like most of my shit! But I was even able to remind some or my old screen tone brushes for the sky and her hair and I really LOVE the final result.

It’s funny, some stylistic quirks you develop over time. One that stands out to me is that I like not completing lines. Not everywhere , that would be weird ! But in certain spots… Not closing a strand of hair or giving sspace between lines in the background and foreground etc. It’s honestly just a stylistic choice , I like how it looks but that doesn’t mean it would look worse if I didn’t do that?

Here are some examples

Hair strands not connecting
Clouds don’t connect

So do what you feel comfortable with! But also, and this took me a long time to learn myself, don’t use “style” as an excuse to do stuff incorrectly or lazily. So, for instance, when I first started drawing and my friend would point out shit that’s wrong, I wouldn’t say “it’s because I’m doing it anime style”, when in reality I was just doing it wrong and didn’t want to acknowledge it.

My Displate Page


I haven’t posted in a long time… (sorry!). But hey I just wanted to share my displate page with you. I ran into displate by chance a few years about before I started drawing. They’re a bit pricey– but that’s because they awesome metal prints that are magnetically mounted.

I’ve start uploaded my art there a while back and have sold ~ 17 pieces total? Not a huge amount but I’m always happy  when someone shows interest in my work. I have about 54 pieces total– feel free to check it out!

Here is the link to my Displate page

And here is some examples of what I have below!


Working with a Digital Medium

So like I’ve said in a previous post– I have been drawing consistently, almost daily, for about 6-7 months now. It’s not a ‘picture-a-day’ type thing as some designs take me two or more days to finish or other days, I just cant seem to find a solid groove. I’m not the only one who goes through this, right? I’ve literally had days where I try and try and try to draw a particular character and just, for whatever reason, I can’t. When that happens, I usually take a break– try again tomorrow and often get better results.

I’m actually pretty terrible at drawing… at least in the traditional sense. In fact, part of the reason my stuff comes out looking as decent as it does has to do a lot with the tools I’ve learned to draw with. Prior to 2016 I’ve never really drawn… I mean I’d doodle on small stuff as much as the next guy… but mostly stick figures. What changed this year, however, was me getting the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. Since I got them back in may I’ve tried really learning how to draw– online tutorials (thanks YouTube), critiques, trial and error etc have been my life since. But the most helpful aspect is the medium that I am working on.

A digital medium, to me, is a lot more forgiving than pencils and paper. To start with, I can draw anywhere without having to deal with clunky art pads or having to worry about my tools going dull. Additionally, as I have seen stated on a youtube video a while back, there is no mistake that cannot be fixed.  You don’t like  how a line turned out? Hit the back button and try again! Over and over again until it comes out the way you like it. Add that on top of the many extra features you get using an art app versus having to rely 100% only on your own skills– and you can really start improving. I’m not down artists who work in the digital space, lord knows that it comes with its own slew of competencies, skillsets and challenges– all I am saying is that it worked really well for me.

I just wanted to share some of my thoughts… and I also had a few questions:

  1. How old were you when you first started drawing or learning how to draw?
  2. Do you consider yourself ‘good’? and did you always feel this way or did something trigger that mindset?
  3. Have you started working in the digital medium? What sort of challenges did you face at first?
  4. Lastly, if you have an ipad and apple pencil– what are your thoughts on it in general?

Here is a couple of pieces I’ve done:



I justdddddI ju


First Post and New Beginnings

Look, I’m going to be honest with you…. sure the site headers says “gottyj art” and all, but I’m not really sure I consider myself an artist or even an amateur artist at that. When I was younger, about 11 or so, I got really into anime and always wanted to draw the characters I watched on my tiny laptop screen. But for whatever reason I was never able to do it–  I quickly gave up, as kids do when dejected, and chalked it up to a skill that I was unsuited for. I had moved on– I still loved anime, just never considered drawing anymore.

It wasn’t until my wife purchased an iPad Pro for me with the Apple Pencil that I ever considered trying to learn to draw. It was May of 2016 when I started up again. I, still learning lots, but I feel as though I’ve improved in a short time and want to share and sell my work on here. I plan on attending the 2017 anime Milwaukee convention, as I do every year, with one alteration… I will have a booth in Artist Alley. I’m nervous and excited!! Wish me luck. I will post some pics from when I first started until present below.

Here are some ones that I drew just before I got my iPad:

And here are a few recent ones: